Body of Work

10th - 20th of December 2021
Erstererster Galerie
Pappelallee 69, 10437 Berlin
Vernissage: 18:00-22:00, 9th of Dec 2021
Visiting: 15:00-19:00 daily or via individual appointment through 10th - 20th Dec 2021

Inga Likšaitė is pleased to invite you to her solo exhibition BODY OF WORK in Erstererster Galerie, Berlin.
The show features the cycle under the title BODY OF WORK, made 2019-2020, and followed by smaller scale works. All together aim to create a notional visual discussion.
The cycle BODY OF WORK, is a large scale embroideries made using digital stitching, sewing and manual processing. Physical textures merge with the ones that we perceive as digitally manipulated. The structure and tactility of the stitches are stimuli that bring the viewer a closer look as the previously seen image dissipates, and the gaze plunges into a play of threads. Neat and chaotic stitch patterns and the magnified depicted motive distract for coming back to look from further away.
According the author cycle BODY OF WORK started and developed from one work under the same title, which inspired by the Irving Penn’s masterpiece titled Nude No.18. ‘’The picture of fragmented nude in a sitting position from behind strongly triggered my perception about body concept in its essence. This monumental posture of sculptural kind and softness of the shapes dissolving in a shadow induced a mixture of insights about the relation between a matter and what is invisible. After trying to combine them all, I recognised the connections to the experience when being in a creative mode, or when deeply seeking to come up with some solution in life. Usually there's a problem, a starting point and imaginary aspiration; intention is clear, but unknown elements need to be found and refined. Within these works I explore immersion into the flow of creative action and the state - that special dimension where in the chaos of known and unknown the thought becomes the body.
Inga uses her reflection on a personal experience on creative practice and is playing in her BODY OF WORK cycle around the theme. She sees creativity as an intention, where intellectual mind, playfulness or transcendent state operate together as a generating energy for new matter to emerge. Inga in her works deconstructs the notion of creative action. ‘’Problem, calculation, emptiness, irrationality, practicality, sight, hearing... it's a space where millions of particles work.’’ Manipulating with the repetitive motives she dismantles the stages of mind during the intellectual practice and questions the concept of creation which is already telling about something unstable and changing; Artist is considering whether the author creates the works or vice versa, the creative process matures and transcends the author. In BODY OF WORK cycle the magnified fragments of human bodies play the role of allegorical line - a vertical connection between down to earth logic and that what we call intuition, unconsciousness or similar of that ephemeral kind. By putting together geometric and textual artefacts of today's image culture author leaves the room for the viewer to develop a broadly interpreted narrative.
Inga Likšaitė is born in Kaunas, Lithuania. Since 2009 lives in Berlin and works between both countries.
Artist is known for her over the years developed individual aesthetic language. Her textiles, mostly to be recognized as moderated images, rhythmically stitched, come as sewn, embroidered wall canvases. In her earlier practice textiles sometimes developed into three-dimensional objects or installations, or in collegial work with other artists got a shape of moving pictures. Therefore time consuming processes are inevitable in artists' stitched work, but together the creative territory shifts circularly when reviewing creativity in a time-line, a unique creative transformation evolves. 
Inga’s work has been shown actively in European art scene.
Her works appear in collections of the Lithuanian National M.K.Ciurlionis Museum, The Bortolaso-Totaro-Sponga Foundation, many private collections in Germany, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands, Lithuania, other countries.