safe space

The group exhibition safe space is a collaboration between a space, the illustrator Nana Kika, media artist Ida Aniz and collage artist TOM. (TOM Punkt). It is a safe space free from patriarchal thought structures, sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia and discrimination. Taboos, traditional conventions or social norms and scripts have no space here.

The safe space functions as a place for self-reflection and dialogue, in which visitors are invited to question their own ideas about identity, corporality, gender and society.

Nana Kika shows her new illustrations with the series Bacteria Egomania in a color gradient screen printing technique on paper. Ida Aniz exhibits sculptures and AI assisted fine art prints. TOM. presents handmade, minimalist collages with reduced elements on a dark paper background.

While Ida Aniz's sculptures offer a powerful representation of femininity and the diversity of the human body, Nana Kika's illustrations deal with social values and norms in a critical and provocative way. TOM.'s meticulously compiled collages raise questions about the construction of identity and
ideals of beauty and give the viewer a new perspective on them.

Free entry